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Residential moorings

Your waterside & marina home
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Residential moorings

At Aquavista, we offer residential moorings across the UK for cruisers who require long term moorings. Find your nearest long-term mooring marina that gives you all the freedom of the waterways with a permanent address!


We will be launching more residential moorings in our marinas over the coming months. 

  • NEW residential moorings are now on sale at Trinity Waterside & Marina in Hinckley on the Ashby Canal - click here to find out more

What is a residential mooring?

A permanent mooring is just like any other home and residence, except floating and with a waterfront view! 

Wherever your mooring is located will be your registered UK postal address and your legally recognised residence. You’ll also enjoy all the normalities of home, such as waste disposal facilities, a post box and other public services. We recommend you read our guide to residential living, which goes into details including council tax and licences when using a long-term mooring.

Our Residential Moorings

Enjoy life on the water with a long term mooring as your permanent home. We have locations across the UK, including residential moorings in London, Hertfordshire, Yorkshire and more. Wake up to nature, tranquillity and freedom every morning, wherever you are!

With full residential status, you have your own secure berth and a host of excellent resident benefits - discover a whole new way of life today!

Your benefits as an Aquavista resident

There are so many benefits that come with being an Aquavista resident! Not only do you get the luxury of a private waterside location, but you can be part of a close-knit community of like-minded people. What’s more, if you fancy a change of scenery, you can discuss with our team about relocating to another available location on the marina!

An Aquavista residential mooring also comes with a host of additional benefits to make life on the water plain sailing! Here’s just some of the many benefits you enjoy as a resident:

  • A registered UK postal address and post box
  • Use of a secure parcel collection point
  • A private secure storage box (in non city marinas where there is space for these)
  • Explore 34 - allows you to enjoy any other Aquavista locations nationwide for up to 34 nights free!
  • Moor Benefits Scheme - lots of lifestyle discounts and boating offers
  • A free weekly wash and dry
  • 12 free pump out tokens per year
  • A choice of council tax options - including composite council tax at most marinas, where we pay on your behalf (you must move berths twice a year to be eligible).

You can enjoy a residential mooring at the following 16 marinas, subject to availability. Take a look below:

Boats on the water at Apsley Marina with housing in background

Apsley Waterside & Marina, Hertfordshire

Boats on the water at Cowroast Marina

Cowroast Waterside & Marina, Hertfordshire

BWML0919 2900

Priory Waterside & Marina, Bedfordshire

BWML0919 2444

Hull Waterside & Marina, Yorkshire

BWML0919 2294

Lemonroyd Waterside & Marina, Yorkshire

BWML0919 2236

Ripon Waterside & Marina, Yorkshire

BWML0919 0827

Kings Waterside & Marina, Nottinghamshire

BWML0919 1378

Sawley Waterside & Marina, Nottinghamshire

BWML0919 1601

White Bear Waterside & Marina, Lancashire

BWML0919 1780

Galgate Waterside & Marina, Lancashire

BWML0919 1228

Diglis Waterside & Marina, Worcestershire

BWML0919 0411

Limehouse Waterside & Marina, London

View across the water of Polar Dock Marina

Poplar Waterside & Marina, London

Boats across the water at Packet Boat Marina

Packet Boat Waterside & Marina, Middlesex

Brinklow 25 4 22 Aquavista 00357

Brinklow Waterside & Marina, Rugby

DJI 0896

Trinity Waterside & Marina, Hinckley

Living on a boat is a liberating experience, but there’s a lot to consider too. Our guide to residential living and our FAQs are a good source of information.

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